A community approach
to health & wellbeing

How does it work?

Social Prescribing acts as link between the health service and the community.  

GP Referral

GP’s refer patients to the community for non-medical support 

Patients receive 1-1 community support for a range of social, emotional or practical needs

Empowers people to make decisions about their own health and connects them to suitable programmes and services in the community such as; social cafes, yoga classes, counselling sessions, swimming lessons and many more

A digital platform is at the core of the project which connects GPs, patients and services, leading to better outcomes for people and communities 

Community approach to health and wellbeing which makes a difference to peoples lives 

Aims to reduce the number of patients making unnecessary appointments to their GP, ultimately taking pressure off NHS services 

A Word from Dr. Molloy

Dr. Paul Molloy explains a little more about social prescribing and his take on this new form of treatment.

SPRING Social Prescribing has adapted its delivery service during Covid-19 to ensure all clients feel supported and connected throughout the lock-down period. The "Connect Well" service ensures all clients are supported remotely and engaged with Social Prescribing.

Connect Well is a new remote service where each Social Prescriber is in contact with each and every client by telephone, text or video link.

An up-to-date database is maintained by SPRING Social Prescribing, of the changing needs of each and every client contacted during the lockdown period.

Social Prescribing referrals remain open to GPs and Primary Health Care  professionals, in recognition of the increased need for support and guidance throughout Covid-19.

Social Prescribers are to the forefront in our communities, and are an essential component, in providing help to the most vulnerable people helping them stay connected. Mental health issues, anxiety and access to services are to the fore during this period. Social Prescribers are an essential link to local community and statutory services and provide much needed reassurance and guidance during this uncertain time. 

SPRING Social Prescribing are also in contact with GP surgeries and primary health care professionals in each region to ascertain if any additional supports are needed.

To get a referral to Spring Social Prescribing, please contact your local GP practice or primary health care professional.

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